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Nationwide® is a U.S.-based company with a strong and stable financial foundation rooted in asset management and a rich history of disciplined investing. We’re committed to being here for you through the years ahead. We were founded by a group of forward thinkers who joined forces to protect what’s most important. Our proud mutual heritage and ongoing commitment to our communities help us continue to put customers first.


Nationwide Life Insurance Company ratings


received 10/17/2002
affirmed 12/17/2019


received 3/10/2009
affirmed 5/27/2020


received 12/22/2008
affirmed 6/23/2020

These ratings and rankings reflect rating agency assessment of the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Nationwide Life Insurance Company. They are not intended to reflect that investment experience or financial strength of any variable account, which is subject to market risk. Because the dates are only updated when there’s a change in the rating, the dates above reflect the most recent ratings we have received. They are subject to change at any time.

Not a deposit – Not FDIC or NCUSIF insured – Not guaranteed by the institution – Not insured by any federal government agency – May lose value

This material must be preceded or accompanied by the prospectus. Carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. The product prospectus contains this and other important information. Investors should read it carefully before investing. To request a copy, go to or call 1-800-848-6331.

When evaluating the purchase of an annuity, your clients should be aware that annuities have limitations. They are long-term vehicles designed for retirement purposes. They are not intended to replace emergency funds, to be used as income for day-to-day expenses or to fund short-term savings goals. Please read the prospectus for complete details. Withdrawals are subject to income tax, and withdrawals before age 59½ may be subject to a 10% early withdrawal federal tax penalty.

Nationwide Defined Protection is an individual single purchase payment deferred annuity with index-linked strategies issued by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. The general distributor is Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, member FINRA. Please note, the contract does not directly participate in any stock or equity investments.

Guarantees and protections referenced within are subject to the claims-paying ability of Nationwide Life Insurance Company.

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