SG Macro Compass Index

A next-generation global multi-asset index seeking
to provide stable and consistent returns

  • Objective – The SG Macro Compass Index seeks to generate consistent returns while managing volatility in all market environments
  • Approach – Identify changes in the economic cycle and rotate asset class allocations accordingly
  • Asset Classes – The index may shift allocations between 13 asset classes that span global equities, bonds, and commodities
  • Ticker – SGMACRO Index

The economy will always go up, down or sideways

  • Access to key indicators determining the economic outlook
    Changing growth and inflation expectations help identify potential changes in the market cycle
  • Shifting allocations throughout the market cycle
    Based upon the economic outlook for expanding, contracting or neutral markets, the Index may shift allocations of up to 13 underlying global assets in equities, bonds and commodities
  • Quarterly updates seek to to identify changes in the economic cycle
    The economic outlook is updated every three months seeking to provide consistent growth in changing markets

Economic indicators determine strategic allocations

The SG Macro Compass Index is a global multi-asset index designed to identify changes in the economic cycle and rotate asset class allocations through up, down and sideways markets. There can be no guarantee that the SG Macro Compass Index strategy will meet its objectives.

Societe Generale

The Index is deeply rooted in academic research of macroeconomic outlooks and applies a rules-based process designed by one of the world’s leading index providers committed to building a better and more sustainable future through responsible and innovative financial solutions.

  • 150 years of client service
  • Operations in 62 countries
  • Over 29 million clients worldwide

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