The J.P. Morgan Mozaic IISM Index

An opportunity to pursue steady growth in a variety of markets

  • Objective – Generate consistent returns while managing volatility through global asset allocation
  • Approach – Risk parity and strongest momentum
  • Holdings – Global equities, bonds and commodities
  • Features – Each month, the index selects asset classes with the highest returns to capitalize on proven and persistent performance
  • Ticker – JMOZAIC2 Index

A broadly diversified approach


Monthly rebalancing may help generate more stable growth opportunities

Monthly Rebalancing

“Stop-loss” feature: Asset classes are evaluated, selected and weighted monthly. If on any day the overall index’s weekly return is less than -3%, exposure is progressively decreased such that all allocations are removed by the end of the relevant week (the Index is effectively uninvested). After one week, the Index re-establishes allocations based on the monthly selection and weighting described above. To the extent the week following the triggering of the “stop-loss” feature sees an additional 3% decline, allocations will be removed over the course of an additional week. This may reduce the risk of potential short-term loss in the Index during a period of significant market distress but may also cause the Index to miss a potential recovery in the underlying asset classes. Past performance is not indicative of nor does it guarantee future performance.

The J.P. Morgan Mozaic IISM Index was established on 12/28/2016.

15 global asset classes

15 Global Asset Classes

J.P. Morgan is a global leader in investment banking and financial services with a proven track record of award-winning index design. J.P. Morgan leverages its deep expertise and best-in-class infrastructure to provide both retail and institutional investors with indices based on their various objectives.

As of 12/31/23

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Nationwide Defined Protection® Annuity 2.0 is an individual single purchase payment deferred annuity with index linked strategies issued by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. The general distributor is Nationwide Investment Services Corporation, Member FINRA. Please note that the Nationwide Defined Protection® Annuity 2.0 does not directly invest in an index. The product includes index strategies which follow market performance; however, they are not actual investments in the stock market.

This Index does not include income from any dividends paid by component companies. The exclusion of dividends from an Index may lower the Index Performance, particularly over the course of time.

J.P. Morgan Mozaic IISM Index is an excess return index. Indexes calculated on an excess return basis include calculation elements that reduce index performance. Because of this, an excess return version of an index will have lower performance than a total return version of the same index would, especially in high interest rate environments. Some excess return indexes also deduct certain notional charges in calculating index performance. Any such deductions will reduce the potential positive change in index performance and increase the potential negative change in the index performance.

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